Cristabelle Deckard


Character Name   : Christabelle Deckard   Player Name       : Alex
Rank             : 1 Trooper
Corruption       : 2
XP to Spend      : 0                       Total XP Spent    : 400
Movement         : 2/4/6/12
Thrones          : 4
Divination       : "Dark dreams lie upon the heart." (2 Corruption Points)
WS     BS     Str    To     AG     Int     Per     WP     Fel
31     41     30     34     29     32      39      30     30

Wounds            Insanity
-Total  : 10      -Current Points  :

Name             Skill         Basic     Trained     +10%     +20%
Acrobatics       Ag
Awareness        Per            X
Barter           Fel
Blather          Fel
Carouse          To
Charm            Fel
Chem-Use         Int
Ciphers*         Int
-Chapter Runes   Int
Climb            Str
Command          Fel
Common Lore*     Int
-Adeptus Astartes               X
-Imperium                       X
-War                            X
-Imperial Creed                 X
Concealment      Ag
Contortionist    Ag
Deceive          Fel
Demolition       Int
Disguise         Fel
Dodge            Ag
Drive*           Ag
-Ground Vehicles
Forbidden Lore*  Int
Gamble           Int
Inquiry          Fel            X
Interrogation    WP
Intimidate       Str
Invocation       WP
Lip Reading      Per
Literacy         Int            X
Logic            Int
Medicae          Int
Navigation*      Int
Performer        Fel
Pilot*           AG
Psyniscience     Per
Scholastic Lore* Int
-Codex Astartes
Scrutiny         Per            X
Search           Per
Secret Tongue*   Int
Security         AG
Shadowing        AG
Silent Move      AG
Sleight of Hand  AG
Speak Language   Int
-High Gothic
-Low Gothic                     X
Survival         Int
Swim             Str
Tactics*         Int
Tech-Use         Int
Tracking         Int
Trade*           Int
Wrangling        Int

* = Skill Group
                             Type: -

              Right Arm                         Left Arm
                11-20                             21-30
              Type: -                           Type: -

                                31 - 70
                                  4 AP
                              Type: Mesh Vest

              Right Leg                         Left Leg
                71-85                            86-00
                  -                                -
              Type: -                           Type: -


Blessed Ignorance (-5 to Forbidden Lore)
Hagiography (Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore
  (War) are Basic Skills)
Liturgical Familiarity (Literacy and Speak Language (High Gothic) are Basic
Superior Origins (+3 to WP)
Basic Weapons Training (SP)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Rapid Reload (reload times reduced by half)

Ballistic Skill Advance Simple (+5) 100xp
Toughness Advance Simple (+5) 100xp
Awareness 100xp
Scrutiny 100xp

Psychic Powers
Psy Rating:


Shotgun w/ 12 shells
60 additional shells (3 thrones)
Brass knuckles
Mesh vest
Uniform (Good Quality Clothing)
3 doses of stimm
Magistratum badge
Flask of amasec
Manacles (35 thrones)
Data-Slate (25 thrones)


Name         Class      DMG      Type      Pen      RNG     RoF     Clip      Reload      Special

Shotgun      Basic      1d10+4   I         0        30m     S/-/-   2       Full Scatter,Reliable
Club         Melee      1d10     I         0        -                              Primitive
Knife        Melee/Thrown 1d5    R         0        3m                             Primitive
Brass Knuckles Melee    1d5-1    I                                           Primitive,Unbalanced


As a planetary law enforcer on Scintilla, Cristabelle has a naturally suspicious streak, bordering on paranoia.  She first came into contact with the Inquisition when she used her investigative and detection skills to track down a thief in the employ of the Holy Ordos.  The thief turned out to be an acolyte of an Inquisitor and, as soon as the Inquisitor saw the potential inside of the enforcer, he hired her as part of his own cell.

Cristabelle, seeing a chance to mete out the Emperor's justice to a more dangerous and deserving criminal populace, jumped at the chance.  The one thing she hates in the universe is a recidivist; a person who does not follow the Emperor's laws (also known as the Lex Imperialis) and tries to plant seeds of destruction in Imperial society.  The one thing she fears is being corrupted by the demonic and unclean hordes of the warp.  There is a little bit of the taint inside of her already - she is afraid of what will happen when the corruption grows, as it may during her time with the Inquisition...

Cristabelle Deckard

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